Unsubtle Skulls visit The Battle Back Centre

So last weekend I (Richie) had the chance to attend The Battle Back Centre which is based at Lilleshall National centre for sport.

This was a £27million pound project over 10 years funded by The Royal British Legion.

The Battle Back Centre was set up in 2011 to support sick and wounded service personnel who had been in Afghanistan and Iraq. The aim was to support people so they could have the best possible recovery to either return to service or return to civilian life.

Now that they are 10 years on, they also support veterans and run wellbeing courses to help them get the most out of life.

The Royal British Legion have just committed to funding for at least another 5 years and the programme will be moving from 34 weeks a year to 46 to allow even more people the opportunity of this amazing experience that is life changing and transformational for so many people.

A big part of what they do at the centre is around helping people deal with adversity and overcome challenges. The programme is designed to help people gain confidence, increase motivation and build a toolbox of strategies and techniques to deal with stress and everyday life in a more positive way.

As we are just in awe of the fantastic work that they are doing we have decided 10% of all profits from our Remembrance Skull range will be donated back to The Royal British Legion in 2022.

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