About Us

Unsubtle Skulls in an inspired clothing brand which is dedicated to increasing awareness of Mental Health.

The Director and founder of the business, Graeme Alexander, has personally suffered with Mental Health, see his story on the homepage video. 

Graeme is fortunate and has made significant progress with regards to his mental health. Graeme has always had support however learning to accept this support and actually “JUST TALK” to people has been key to his recovery.

Graeme realised that without learning to talk about his condition, he may not have been here today. As a result, he decided to make it his mission to help others with similar conditions, his goal and moto became, “JUST TALK”.

Graeme knew that he had to develop a concept which people would engage with and was also easy to advertise, Unsubtle Skulls, The Mental Health Clothing Brand was born.

Graeme personally designed a modern looking skull which was an appealing logo in itself. He then extended this logo by including a “BABY SKULL” which was located within the “BIG SKULL”.

Now this is the really cool part, the Baby Skulls are uniquely illustrated to represent a certain form of mental health, no words are used, only your mind and curiosity to interpret the image and what it stands for.

Due to the uniqueness and appeal of the logo people are encouraged to talk about it, the person wearing the clothing then explains the concept and motivation behind the brand and bingo, we have two complete strangers talking about mental health, the concept is truly amazing! When people wear Unsubtle Skulls clothing, they are literally carrying the message of Mental health awareness wherever they go.

Graeme’s ambition is for the brand to become recognised worldwide which we believe is achievable given the overwhelmingly positive message and support the brand is delivering.

To show further support Graeme has decided to donate 10% of all proceeds to Mental Health charities, as seen on the home page of the website, the Samaritans are onboard for immediate emotional support if required.

 This is a journey of support which the Unsubtle Skulls team are super excited about delivering. We literally cannot wait to see you guys wearing our baby skulls and spreading awareness of Mental Health all over the world!

Thank you for your continued support!

The Unsubtle Skulls Team